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Xander Zhou AW19 Has Landed

A weird, wide and wonderful collection for your inner sci-fi geek and space explorer

Review by Eleanor Williams

Photography by Silvia Dee


Oval space was crowded full of people who are not used to seeing the venue in sober daylight but Xander Zhou gave his audience a definite awakening as the curtains where drawn revealing casting and garments of what can only be described as supernatural “alternative intelligent lifeforms”.


The casting was a key part of the show with identical twins, fathers and sons and men and boys of many different ages and nationalities. Many of the models had prosthetic facial deformities, alien-like contact lenses or even slime dripping down their faces. Some of the models were wearing full yeti suits with baby yetis strapped to their chest. Spaceship parts were carried or worn contrasting with clean polar white shirts, polo tees, pullovers and jacquard knits with hints of colour blocking shapes. A large range of fabrics were played with: PVC, leather space suits and fleeces amoungst lightweight polyester pieces. It had elements of earyness to it with some surgeons outfits complete with doctor masks. The weirdness of it all kept you constantly surprised and entertained with every look.


I felt the collection was very progressive with the main message being for a more “flexible notion of humanity” challenging our idea of beauty and power. There is also this sci-fi idea of embracing new earth and having to evolve which is postmodern and reminiscent of programs we watch like Black Mirror. It is very commendable how Xander Zou doesn’t take himself too seriously and really has fun with his designs whilst still creating very wearable silhouettes (minus the yeti suits).