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THIIIRD does commission new ideas and accept submissions of writing, editorials, art projects and images for online but it is important that the work we feature online fits in with the magazine’s ethos of exploring matters of identity through race, gender, seuality and gender and platforming the perspectives of these and other marginal ones.


All pitches for both articles and images should come with a clear synopsis of what it is your story aims to explore and/or moodboard, with links to the relevant subject matter material and team member websites. The section of the website the pitch relates to should be in the subject line (i.e Fashion).

Pitches can be emailed to




We require 6 – 8 different set ups for an online editorial. Images can be submitted on a contact sheet initially but must be sent as high res images if accepted with fashion credits, team credits (names, websites and instagrams) and image options.


Article pitches must come with the writers desired credit (name, instagram, website) a proposed title, subheading, clear introduction. All writing submissions should be 500 words and above.

Submissions can be emailed to