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Inciting ‘Everyday Magic’

Semra Haksever’s latest books – “Everyday Magic” and ‘Love Spells’, invite us invest in the powers of magic as a step towards living our best lives. Interview with Yana Kasa   The temptation to get lost in daily demands is something Semra Haksever knows well. […]

Jaime Wei Huang AW19 Romantic Pop Colour

Jaime Wei Huang AW19 mixes the worlds of rural romanticism with urban colour-clashing modernity. Photography by Silvia Draz

Manon Planche AW19 Electric Boom

Electric lights and pulsating textures set the tone for Manon Planche’s reflective AW19 collection. Photography by Silvia Draz

Phoebe English AW19 A Study of Construction

An up-close observation of the raw materials in the construction of Phoebe English’s AW19 collection. Photography by Silvia Draz

Roberts Wood AW19 The Artisan in Action

Roberts Wood AW19 collection invites his audience into the designer’s workshop in medias res, celebrating the ethos of the creative working woman as an inspiration. Photography by Silvia Draz  


Story shot by Nimū KM exploring the streets of Chinatown.   Photography and styling: Nimũ KM @nimukm Model: Mikaela @Girls Club Management @mikaelaoldenburg  

Qasimi AW19 The Urban Ranger

A revival of the mythology of Urban Ranger lacing practicality with hedonistic adventure, and subtlety with daring self-definition Photography by Hark1karan Review by Rhona Chioma Ezuma   Walking down to the bottom of the colosseum-like venue where Qasimi’s autumn winter 19 collection was about to […]

Bianca Saunders AW19 An Exploration into the Softness Within Blackness.

Bianca Saunders shoves aside the usual tropes and stereotypes of the ‘black male’ to showcase the masculine body in a space rarely seen with such ingredients in play; the bedroom. Words and photography by Darius McFarlane   Bianca Saunders invites us to a room filled […]

Danshan AW19 Tapering Male Sensitivity

A collection representing the ambiguity of gender through its soft, sensitive and sensual tactility. Review by Roisin Toppani Photography by Max Makowski   DANSHAN presented a man — a man tender and strong, who flourishes in a shared experience of the world, a world where […]

Jordan Luca AW19 The Mind Of A Man Is His Vice

A collection that speaks to the sordid nature of human fixations and its seedy impact on ready to wear designs Review by Princess Ashilokun Photography by Hark1karan   Jordan Bowen and Luca Marchetto’s eponymously named brand, Jordanluca, aims to constantly challenge and resist the norms […]

Omar Afridi AW19 The Pastoral Nomad

An earthy collection, that’s simplicity in design harks back to an idyllic age of fraternity in men young and old Review by Princess Ashilokun Photography by Hark1karan Omar Afridi is known for being a contemporary menswear label which merges both practicality and resilience with forward-thinking aesthetics. Omar […]

Michiko Koshino AW19 Rave On

A retrospective collection that draws on Michiko Koshino’s strong 80s foundations and how its spirit of subculture, escapism and rebellion lives on in her aesthetic today. Review by Eleanor Williams Photography by Silvia Dee   Michiko Koshino presented her AW19 collection by taking us through nostalgic […]

Xander Zhou AW19 Has Landed

A weird, wide and wonderful collection for your inner sci-fi geek and space explorer Review by Eleanor Williams Photography by Silvia Dee   Oval space was crowded full of people who are not used to seeing the venue in sober daylight but Xander Zhou gave his […]

Liam Hodges AW19 The Mad Hatter Reimagined

Mutative, mix-matched and seductive streetwear is an explorative investigation into the warp-like madness of the here and now. Review by Princess Ashilokun Photography by Hark1karan   Vibrant, dark, and pulsating with bold swathes of colour. Liam Hodges’ 2019 Autumn/Winter collection certainly pushes the boundaries set in […]

Rahemur Rahman AW19 A Seat A The Table

Menswear designer Rahemur Raman’s AW19 offers a colourful and pastel rich delineation of menswear in a presentation championing inclusivity, creating a strong link to his Bangladeshi heritage. Photography by Hark1karan

Saul Nash AW19 The Freedom of Movement

Presenting oneself in a way that allows cut for movement and personal freedom of expression Review by Roisin Toppani Photography by Silvia Draz   This was not a fashion show. It was a dance performance, a movement, a series of gestures extending beyond the tailored […]

Adam Jones AW19 Fashion Fanfare

A satirical traipse through pub culture tropes presented on high-fashion slopes Review by Roisin Tapponi Photography by Silvia Draz   Remove yourself from the white-box walls of the Old Truman Brewery. Definitely remove yourself from Shoreditch. You’re in Wales now, on the A48 from west […]

Mind Your Own

Story shot by Becka Humphrey, styled by Eleanor Williams and produced by Portia Theodora.     Photographer: Becka Humphrey @beckahumphrey Stylist: Eleanor Williams @eleanor.a.williams MUA: Hannah Wastnidge Hair: Issey Hyde @isseyhyde Model: Naran O @W/ IMModels  @nar_oyu Production: Portia Theodora @portiaatheodora Photo assistants: Bryan Tang @bttango and Jonathan Faulkner @jfaulkner_photo Location: Big […]

Reclaiming The Narrative Panel at The Photographer’s Gallery

We had the pleasure of hosting an incredible panel at The Photographers Gallery Bookshop last week. Discussing everything from individual creative processes, working within collectives, operating within the mainstream, handling clients and corporations, and facilitating diversity beyond tokenism it was a night jam-packed with insights from these black creatives […]

The Terrible: Ysra Daley-Ward’s Debut Novel Brings Solace to Sadness

By Rhona Ezuma Yrsa Daley-Ward’s poetry, with its natural flow and witty oratorical style has become a favourite for a generation who have discovered and nominated their poetical voices straight from the egalitarian shores of social media. When I heard poet Yrsa had come out […]

Unapologetically Femme: Five Ways Hive City Legacy is Fabulously Feminist

Unapologetically Femme: Five Ways Hive City Legacy is Fabulously Feminist The Roundhouse play that is centring and celebrating femme’s of colour.  Review by Rhona Ezuma Pollinate. Activate. Liberate. Taking as seat in the Sackler space theatre of the Roundhouse this is the motto you find […]

Leo Kalyan: A Pop Life Less Ordinary

Producer, song writer and pop artist Leo Kalyan’s speaks to THIIIRD about developing his own sound of progressive pop and being the importance of being visible as brown, gay musician coming from a muslim background. Interview by Fayann Smith Leo Kalyan’s debut EP blew up […]

Power and Magic Press: Challenging the White Male Dominated Comic Industry from Within

Joamette Gil, is the independent comic publisher who is carving a place for herself, POC, women and queer communities where representation and fair pay for creators is non-negotiable. By Michele Maria Serrapica “Comics are not just for kids” is one of the oldest battle fought […]

Can you remember the first Stance? The Podcast is One

THIIIRD speaks to podcast founders Heta Fell and Chrystal Genesis who are celebrating a year of inclusive and refreshingly relevant discussions on their show ahead of their first birthday party and Uniqlo Tate Late. One year ago, Heta Fell based in San Francisco and Chrystal […]

At Last

Story shot by Masha Tribe and styled by Valeria Pekarskaya. Photographer Masha Tribe @mashatribe Stylist Valeria Pekarskaya @valeriapekarskaya MUA Natalia Buldakova @natalybuldakova Photographer Assistant Ekaterina Lopatko @ydulm6 Model Michael @excno All Clothing by Nora Vintage

Bukowski, Dreams and Pirate Blood — A topography of Salena Godden

A sit down with poet, author and essayist Salena Godden. Interview by Fayann Smith   The first time I saw Godden perform was in a draughty Cornish barn. I wandered into the audience just as she started to read her essay “Shade” from the Good […]

The Un-wed Kazakh Girl

The Everyday struggles of a 21-year old Kazakh girl trying to find a place for feminism in Post-Soviet Mentality. By Karla Noor Karla Noor is Fashion and Culture journalist and blogger currently based in London and studying Law. Staying true and finding yourself is tough. […]

What Does Femme Mean to you? Priya + Layo

Issue #2 videos shot by Chima Nsoedo, for the launch of the second printed issue of THIIIRD discussing what feminity means to artist Priya and dancer Layo.   PRIYA from THIIIRD Magazine on Vimeo. LAYO from THIIIRD Magazine on Vimeo. click here for the issue. 

Issue #2: Femme — Out Now!

F–E–M–M–E Femme, a five letter word that has undergone a resurgence in recent popularity; Fashion has been receptive to it and we can find it blazoned on t-shirts, embroidered onto sweatshirts and stamped on a plethora of accessories and even personalised stationary, but what does […]

All For Me?

Story shot by Stephanie Galea, directed by Keanoush da Rosa and styled by Jaime Jarvis.   Photographer Stephanie Galea Stylist Jaime Jarvis Creative Director Keanoush Da Rosa Models Virginie & Serena

Don’t Touch My Hair

Why touching Afro hair is really not the thing to do, even for curious and well meaning fingers. A written piece by Hey Chanté, creator of the Please Don’t Touch My Hair zine. By Hey Chanté  If you have afro hair, more likely than not, […]

Ibn Souk

Story shot by Lou Rolley, directed by Keanoush Da Rosa and styled by Rhona Ezuma.   Photographer Lou Rolley Art Director Keanoush Da Rosa Stylist Rhona Ezuma Grooming Bianca Klaric Model Malik @ SUPA models

Lack Of Identification

A beauty editorial shot by Turkina Faso. Featuring models discovered on Instagram, this story explores gender and identity.   Anatoly Moscvin @anatolymoscvin Alexandr Grachev @elkmen Nina Lavina @tesla_girl Alisa Bulochkina @kicsidope Julia Osman @yulenka_osman Nikita Barintsev @bombabitch   Photography Turkina Faso Make Up & Hair Anatoly […]


This year at London Pride it seemed that every shop, bank and confectionary had a float and banner. Corporations bought into the beneficial publicity of showing how progressive and okay they were about supporting LGBT workers and their rights. By Gabrielle Kynoch   As a […]

ISSUE #1: Community

Issue #1 video shot by Kati Turkina in North London, for the launch of the first printed issue of THIIIRD   click here for the issue. 

Female Screen Savers: Is Rise In Female Lead Roles Really Groundbreaking?

Right now, we’re going through another feminist revolution however this time, it’s on the screen. By Gabrielle Kynoch   We have Wonder Woman smashing the box office in thigh highs and gold accessories. There’s Rey flying Han’s pride and joy, the Millennium Falcon in Star […]

Yishay Garbasz Interview – Uncovering PTSD & The Holocaust Through Art

Yishay Garbasz re-creates the route of her mother’s footsteps during the Holocaust, based on her mother’s typewritten life-story. Documented interview by Cristina Burduja   Yishay Garbasz (b. 1970) is a British-Israeli rooted artist, working and living in Berlin where she moved in 2005, ‘when, as […]

Nonconformity – What Jacob Hiley’s Illustrations Say About Gender

Jacob Hiley is a Illustrator and watercolor artist from the USA. His work acts as a statement against gender conformity in a sea of heteronormative people. Instagram | @stuckupfuckup

Protests To Power – The People Of Portland Won’t Stand For Trump

Portland Oregon in the Wake of Trumps Presidency By Gabrielle Kynoch   Across the Pond, is a country in disbelief. A man with outlandish ideas, questionable (at best) morals and who has little experience for the role, got one of the highest positions in all […]

Surulele – A Fashion Editorial in the Bustling District in Lagos Nigeria

An Editorial created by Uche Okpa – Iroha and shot by Leke Alabi – Isama  

The Other Side

A bold beauty editorial with a spring in its step creative directed by Keanoush Da Rosa    

The Women Of Sapa

Anyone who has ever been to Sapa in Northern Vietnam will know of the charm and style of the women who make the area such a destination. Photographer Jonathan Faulkner, @JFaulkner_Photo Photography assistant Rachael Boys, @rachaelboysphotography   The women of Sapa, recognised most obviously by their […]

Cut Bait

A 70s-inspired editorial shot by Manuela Iodice    


Observations on manhood, fashion and cyberspace Illustrations by Antonio Dell’ Omo   Antonio Dell’ Omo is an Italian Fashion designer, illustrator and graphic designer. His series ‘Hyperspace’ takes his inspiration from internet world and contemporary youth culture. This illustrated collection is characterized by the use […]

Long Journeys East

Editorial shot by Tom Andrew To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the iconic Padded Pak’R backpack, Eastpak commissioned 4 young fashion design talents to re-imagine it. Be it experimenting with proportions, surfaces and materials, the designers have flexed their creative muscles on this enduring product, […]

Identity Is Burning

I am seeking to do a comparative analysis of Disidentifications, Queers of Color and the Performance of Politics, written by Jose Esteban Munoz and Paris is Burning, which chronicles the ball room culture of the African American, Latino, Gay, and Transgender communities in 1980’s New […]

Refugees Welcome: Refugee Phrasebook

After volunteering with Mohabit Hilft, Nine Yamamoto-Mason used her skills as a translator and her connections as an artist to create the Refugee Phrasebook and Berlin Refugee Help. Interview and words by Rhona Ezuma   Both groups provide important support to salve the already amazing […]


An editorial shot by Silvia Dee  

MEandTHEM: Back Home With Alice

Project by Turkina Faso and Sister Alice  

Critically Classical: An Interview with the Artist Ewa

London based artist Ewa (formerly Ewa Wilczynski) talks to us about art, philosophy and self acceptance. Interview and words by Giselle Fryatt Transcribed by A.W. Wolf   Ewa is one of the youngest artists in history to hold a debut solo show at the Royal […]

It’s Just a Word, Right?

Although the n-word may be familiar enough within popular music culture, issues around its usage remain contentious. A blasphemous utterance? Or an innocuous chime in sing-alongs? Rhoda Ajilore weighs up why the n-word is still not a term we should all feel free to use. […]

Align Ahead

An editorial shot by Lukasz Suchorab with clothing by Sean Suen

Stray Dogs

An editorial styled and shot by Den Niwa in Shanghai, China.  

To Rise And Fall

An editorial shot by Anna Fearon  

About A Boy: Modelling, Meditation and Mindfulness

Ollie Lister @Booking Models shares some handy daily tips on remaining balanced.   Interview by Stephanie Dawson   Who are you and what are you doing with yourself? Yo! My name is Ollie Lister, I’m currently in the fashion industry modelling, I’m seeking to get into acting […]

Boy Scouts

A street-wear inspired editorial shot by Isaac Kariuki  

He Kissed Me Hard

A beauty editorial shot by Silvia Dee    

It’s OK To Be Lazy

A fashion editorial with pieces by Lazy Oaf shot by Turkina Faso  

Bring Me Roses

A romantic editorial shot by Clara Giaminardi  

Stomp To It

A beauty and fashion editorial shot by Lusha Alic

Society’s Scarlett Letter

Anthony Whidbee is a Social Problems and Policy/Women and Gender Studies undergraduate based in North Carolina. In this intimate essay, he recounts the struggle of being a gay person of color, within a white-washed sea of heteronormative patriarchy. Letter by Anthony Whidbee   As a black […]

Colourful Impact

An editorial shot by Takanori Okuwaki featuring models from Lorde Inc  

The faces of Lorde Inc

Pop quiz interviews with the faces of the street casting and diversity positive modelling agency. Interview by  Makeba H.     Karim Where are you from? I’m from Spain What brings you to London? Studies, I am going to study Fine Art at CSM and […]

Refugees Welcome: Barber Squad

Hairdresser Sabrina Lefebvre on sharing the simple pleasures of a haircut with the people of Calais Interview by Rhona Ezuma   What is The HairCult Project and how did it start? Sabrina: “The HairCult Project is a photo documentary about hair dressing scenes around the […]

Mindful drawing with Make Daisy Chains

Mindful drawing with Make Daisy Chains. Color in this mindful drawing and read the interview with the mental health advocate and queer feminist artist behind the @makedaisychains Instagram. Interview by Ainsley Perek   What is Make Daisy Chains? I’m Hannah Daisy, @MakeDaisychains is my instagram […]

Beauty Diversified

Lorde Inc, the modeling agency paving sustainable space for models of colour in fashion. Interview By Rhona Ezuma   In 2014 Lorde Inc bravely stepped out into a sea of modeling agencies who were predominantly representing white models- as the first modeling agency to solely […]

Narcissism & The Internet

Sitting amongst my friends, no one is speaking. We are all laughing inwards to ourselves or holding an inquisitive look on our faces. We’re all engrossed in our phones. We’re Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Snapchat, but are our virtual lives more exciting? By Gabrielle Kynoch […]

The Landscapes of Iran

Interview with photographer Keymea Yazdanian on her documentation of Iranian culture and the journeys of her work in Iran. Words and Interview by Keanoush Da Rosa   Iran is a country with an air of mystery about it. What has been said about the country […]

Refugees Welcome: The Worldwide Tribe & Wanderlust for Truth

Jaz O’hara is the founder of The Worldwide Tribe, a grass roots humanitarian movement in which thousands of volunteers have been sparked into action to help those affected by the refugee crisis. Words by Rhona Ezuma   After the stories Jaz shared from her first […]

Glacier Girl

Remembering the Glaciers with Glacier Girl Interview and words by Yana Kasa Photography by J M Stasiuk and styled by Rhona Ezuma Nineteen year old Elizabeth Farrell is changing the way we raise awareness for climate change. AKA Glacier Girl, Elizabeth is a Geography university student who is using […]

Refugees Welcome: A Real Team Player

From Dulwich hamlet FC fan to Dulwich2Dunkirk Founder – how football helped with refugee crisis Interview by Rhona Ezuma   Nisha Damji turned her support for her local football club into an operation that assisted relief to one of France’s most deprived refugee camps. In creating […]

What Women Want: Happy International Women’s Day

On International Women’s Day we reflect on what the placards from the Women’s march in London say about what women want. Photos by Amelia Karlsen @Ameliababbla