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THIIIRD is a biannual print publication exploring the intersections of identity and celebrating diversity within culture. We have an eye and focus on lifting the stories and contributions of people who come from underrepresented communities.


Launched in 2016 online and 2017 in print, the magazine is the collaborative conception of a small group of creatives from various backgrounds who were living in London. Led by stylist Rhona Ezuma, they were looking for the untold stories from their communities to be told, reclaimed and created; THIIIRD was launched through their allied efforts as shared safe space for doing that.


The magazine is distributed in the UK, selected cities in Europe, Asia and the US. It is split into three sections: Mind, Body and Soul through which it engages in critical conversations about the arts, fashion, entertainment, politic and self through interviews, editorials, photography, personal writing and poetry.


- For the communities & the allies
- Because representation is a step towards validation
- and diversity is more buzzword

THIIIRD is dedicated to exploring diversity in identity, but not as a ticked box, form-filled understanding of what it means to be diverse.


We centralise diversity to our ethos but reject tokenism. We do this through a celebration of multiculturalism, without a need to erase or devalue the importance of heritage, cultural differences or downplay the ways in which factors such as race, gender and sexuality come into play and influence experiences or access.


As a platform which prioritises the contributions of people of colour, women, lgbtq+ and other marginalised groups, it is the objective of the platform to create content, have conversations and provide a platform to the talents and topics that are the most important to those within our communities. We believe that we all need and deserve to take up space, but representation is especially important for those whose identities are least celebrated within the mainstream.


THIIIRD is inclusive and allyship is at the magazine’s core. We believe that everybody should be able to identify with everybody’s struggle, however, the way we do this is by handing over the mic, showcasing heroines and heroes from divergent backgrounds and empowering people to create and share their stories.


The ethos of THIIIRD has been informed by decolonial and intersectional feminist thought. We believe in the potential of print and multi-media to give validation, that representation is a powerful tool for (self-)affirmation and that conversation is the springboard from which powerful things can begin to happen.