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About A Boy: Modelling, Meditation and Mindfulness

Ollie Lister @Booking Models shares some handy daily tips on remaining balanced.  

Interview by Stephanie Dawson


Who are you and what are you doing with yourself?

Yo! My name is Ollie Lister, I’m currently in the fashion industry modelling, I’m seeking to get into acting but spend most my time under a tree, reading or mediating connecting with my soul and searching for answers to my future and furthermore my path. I’m a free spirit and I don’t want to be stereo typed as just a ‘model’. I see myself as much more.

What were you doing before you got into modelling?

I was working @Joe and the Juice. I met many people, lots influential people and just networked into modelling. My sister was already in the dance industry, so I knew how it all worked before I got scouted and was in the industry myself. In dancing, singing, acting modelling it’s all the same thing – everyone knows everyone, they attend same events and party’s. I was always watching & learning.

What things do you do or are you passionate about doing in addition to modelling?

I love meditating to the sunrise. Whenever I have the chance to have the morning off, i’ll be in the park to catch the sun come up. It’s good for cleansing the mind before a hectic day. I then move on to training in the gym, or running / cycling and most importantly watching what i’m eating. I love eating clean and then treating myself to a greasy meal once a week, I appreciate it much more.

What lesson or things have helped you become the person you are?

My past, like many, was a rollercoaster and I had no choice to become mentally strong and awake or aware. Now, for me, there is nothing more amazing in the life then helping. You give: you receive. Gratitude is very important. You should be grateful for everything that occurs in your daily life, good or bad – its all balance! I count all my blessings everyone morning; whenever I drink water I say thank you to the universe and just feel my vibrations respond to me.

What have been for you the biggest moments in your career and what things motivate you?

Meeting some of the most realist people in an industry everyone calls ‘fake’ – funny that right ? My biggest moments are always when I meet someone who inspires me. I’m very grateful for being able to attend some of the biggest fashion party’s in the world, as well as work at them! Being able to meet people that others dream of meeting. I don’t take it for granted and although no man is divine the biggest things that motivates me is being surrounded by people that lift my energy.